Pro Beta Alanine


Pre Workout

    • Proven to boost muscle performance capacity
    • Increases anaerobic muscle power and endurance
    • Helps to support gains in lean mass
    • Engineered for hard training bodybuilders and athletes

by the Numbers :

Milligrams Of High Potency Beta-Alanine Per Serving
Research Inspired Muscle Performance Enhancing Effects
Powerful Servings Per Bottle
Filters Or Banned Substances

New ground breaking research has come to the forefront in gold standard peer-reviewed studies and the results are conclusive-Beta Alanine supplementation kicks ass! At 4 Dimension Nutrition we have our ears to the ground and our eyes on the newest documented research to ensure that we engineer the most innovative, effective supplements on the planet! With absolute confidence and pure excitement-we bring you Pro Beta Alanine-a high potency muscle performance enhancer that is going to deliver far beyond your expectations from any single ingredient supplement on the market today. Studies show that beta alanine supplementation helps to produce the powerful muscle buffer carnosine in the body like nothing else. The end result is a laundry list of benefits that you have to get excited about! Let’s start with increased anaerobic power, which is a key factor to help you lift heavier for longer or perform high intensity activity for a sustained period of time! The longer you can put yourself in a sustained period of anaerobic work the more lean muscle mass you can stimulate to grow! Studies also show that beta alanine can sustain lean mass while losing bodyfat! With 1,500 mg of the purest source of beta alanine we could source, you know you’re getting a super potent dose with every serving! Experience the effects of 4DN Pro Beta Alanine today and get ready to rocket your performance to superior levels!

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