4DN to Sponsor Josh Copeland at RFA 16

4DN to Sponsor Josh Copeland at RFA 16

4 Dimension Nutrition (4DN), the maker of advanced nutritional supplements for optimal strength and recovery, is proud to announce the sponsorship of Josh Copeland for his main event heavyweight title fight with Jan Jorgensen at RFA 16, this Friday, July 25th. As an undefeated heavyweight (8-0), and an up and coming superstar, it is only fitting that Copeland will be given this opportunity for the inaugural RFA heavyweight world title.


“I’m honored and proud to fight in this special event,” said Copeland. “I’ve always dreamed of a day like this and I’m ready to leave it all out there.” The fight is set to take place in Broomfield, CO at the 1STBANK Center and will be nationally televised live on AXS TV starting at 10pm ET/7pm PT.


When it comes to professional MMA, Copeland knows that without a focused, intense training program coupled with the best supplements, this would not be possible. Being surrounded by a great team is not enough these days to get an edge on the mat. Optimal physical performance and its demands on the body require efficient fuel for energy, strength and recovery.


“I swear by 4DN’s amazing line of sports nutrition supplements. Their protein powder is one of my training and daily staples, along with their glutamine and creatine powders. I really feel like it gives me the energy to get through the toughest training sessions and gives me confidence that I’m physically prepared for every fight.”


“Josh is the perfect fit for our brand,” said Leena Vazirami, Marketing Manager at 4 Dimension Nutrition. “We appreciate his commitment to his craft, and wish him the best of luck for his heavyweight title fight.”


“Being involved with such a great organization such as RFA gives our brand the opportunity to reach a wider audience. The more people we can benefit, the better,” continued Vazirami. “Josh’s ability to connect with his fans and fans of MMA make him a great ambassador for our products.”


4DN is committed to producing the highest quality supplements to help athletes achieve their physical goals. Using state of the art technology and rigorous scientific testing and analysis, 4DN lives up to an uncommon standard in the sports nutrition supplement industry. You can find their diverse line of products at your local GNC or online at retailers such as BodyBuilding.com and Vitacost.com. If you’re looking for the body that you deserve, 4 Dimension Nutrition is an important part of your formula for success.