3 Great Ways to Get in Your Cardio

3 Great Ways to Get in Your Cardio

Sometimes people get so fixated on one thing in the gym, that they forget that the best way to get that killer body is to balance their workouts. What we mean by that is to not ignore cardio by only paying attention to weight training and vice versa. They both have their place in a balanced exercise program. Combine that with a high quality nutritional supplement program and you’ll take your fitness to the next level.

Here are 3 cardio ideas to change things up and keep things fresh:

  1. It’s great to use the cardio machines in the gym, but if you live in a nice summer climate, take your workout outside. There are many things you can do including running or jogging, riding a bike, swimming, or even playing sports like pick-up basketball or even tennis.
  2. Take a class. You’d be surprised how tough the cardio classes in your gym are. Get out of your comfort zone and switch things up. Exercising in a group environment will push you harder.
  3. Find a hobby. Playing a sport and cycling are good hobbies that are lots of fun and amazing exercise. There are many 5k’s or more in most places so you can actually run not only for cardio, but also to train for an actual race. Competition gets the juices flowing and your body into great shape.

Don’t forget to refuel with the best protein powder after a cardio workout to maximize efficiency of recovery. You’ll feel great and want to keep pushing yourself with the increased fitness and endurance.

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